- car gas filling station -

Our company has set up a car gas filling station in Shuaiba gas filling station. We also built a street with a trench in the car gas filling plant in the Muftia gas plant.

-Establishing an information room's-

Our company has established information rooms with a number of health facilities in the Shuaiba Gas Plant.

-install and operate surveillance cameras-

We have equipped all the equipment required to complete the project, and also operate it with the best performance. We carried out the work under the International Standards (lpc) (lec). We have provided the first party with guidance manuals covering all parts of the system. We committed to cleaning the work site of all debris after the completion of the project. We have provided the first party with certificates of origin for all cameras and system devices from the mobile camera control device and dvr. We have implemented all safety measures to maintain the quality of work We have guaranteed all the devices used in the project for a period of (one year) to ensure the quality. Our company's commitment to training staff to operate and maintain the system.

Reh-abilitation of the Baladah storage yard to the rehabilitation of the roof.-

Our company has rehabilitated a yard for storing cylinders in the Technical Equipment Division of the Southern Gas Filling Company. Rehabilitation of the roof of the administration rooms in the southern gas filling station.

-shed construction-

Our company has built a shed to protect the cylinders according to the required and international specifications, in the Technical Equipment Division of the Shuaiba Gas Plant.

-A contract for welding a (polyethylene) pipe for the South Refineries Company..-

Our company has carried out welding works for a polyethylene pipe, measuring (20 inches), at the site of changing the pipelines in the Shuaiba refinery. Our company sponsored the construction of the project (materials + work). Our company has completed the project according to high quality international specifications, with a quantity of (5000 diagonal inches).

-Treatment of cracks and scratches in floors for the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / State Company for the Fertilizer Industry.-

Our company has done the work of treating cracks and scratches in floors, treating water courses, taking care of materials and work and treating any defects in all respects with the highest quality.

-Supplying iron and tin sections to construct a bridge For the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / Ibn Majid Company.-

Our company has supplied (tinplate and iron sections) for the construction of an additional bridge in (almadinih city)

-Restoration works-

Restoration works for the sector of the upper administrative departments according to the international standards for the benefit of the Ministry of Industry / the State Company for the Fertilizer Industry.

-Nitrogen Station-

(Our company) in partnership with (Ibn Majid Company) equipped, installed and operated (nitrogen production unit), and according to the required specifications and the implementation of works and completion and treatment of any defect in all respects, and our company ensured the transfer (nitrogen tank) from the old site and capacity (100 tons) and installed in the new work site with all civil and mechanical works, with the processing (cycle cutter) full with protections installed in the control panel in the power plant Bueller and according to the technical specifications of electrical specifications.

-Supply and installation of a water station.-

Our company has installed and implemented a marine water desalination plant (SRO UNIT) with a capacity of (100 m/h), for the State Company for Fertilizers Industry, with high international standards.